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Green Community 綠在區區


NanoFit 為各行各業開發所需功能制服,讓客戶團隊著得舒適,盡情發揮!



「綠在區區」制服設計師—Yeung Chin;製造商— NanoFit

Green Community is a community recycling network, it aims to collect recyclables, thus NanoFit applied 100% recycle polyester from plastic bottles for Green Community’s new uniforms.

A uniform with the right function can help your team perform at their best and build positive corporate image!

All  NanoFit Medical Uniforms are made with Nanotechnology-applied fabrics with the functions that can fit for your needs: antibacterial, stain resistance, spill repellence, dry fit, coolest comfort, speed dry, durable wear, wrinkle defence, etc.

Bulk purchase is welcome. Call 2148 9484 for more details.

Green Community uniform designer- Yeung Chin; manufacturer- NanoFit

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