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Union Hospital has became the client of NanoFit since 2016. Early 2020, Union Hospital realised that following preventive measures are not enough. For a better protection for their staff, they decided to replace the knitted jackets by NanoFit functional jackets.

Compare to the traditional knitted ones, NanoFit functional uniforms are 99.99% antibacterial, liquid repellent and stain resistant. It can be washed at high temperature up to 70℃. NanoFit functional uniforms are more hygienic and easier to handle.

Uniforms with the right functions can help your team perform at their best and build positive corporate image!

All NanoFit Medical Uniforms are made with Nanotechnology-applied fabrics with the various functions.

“Professional protection, Protects professionals”. Review, reconsider and renew your old uniforms now!

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