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NanoFit 餵食圍裙不但有多款繽紛圖案選擇,刺激長者視覺,更是99.99%抗菌、表層超強水力、污漬易處理、底層防漏的功能,讓照顧者輕鬆易處理,方便衛生!



NanoFit 餵食圍裙有過十款圖案選擇,特定款式更有現貨,可供批發及零售。

The patterns of NanoFit Mess-Free Bibs: Mahjong, Dim Sum & Chinese Chess, etc are the favourites of the elderlies. We hope the patterns can cheer them up during meal time!

The top layer of the bib absorbs liquids, is stain resistant and 99.99% antibacterial, with a waterproof bottom layer.

The bib also has a unique design where a folded pouch catches all food spills.

With these features, users and caretakers are guaranteed a cleaner and mess-free experience!

Numerous elderly care centres of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals & Caritas Hong Kong are NanoFit’s clients.They have already switched to use our Mess-Free Bibs.

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